Dynamics Lesson #1 - 16th Notes w/Accents

Feb 2, 2024

Dynamics are crucial to drumming. They create contrast and emotion. Imagine a song played entirely at the same volume — it would be flat and monotonous. Dynamics bring shape to the music, building tension and release, reflecting the emotional flow of the song. A soft verse followed by a crashing chorus wouldn't have the same impact without dynamics.

Mastering dynamics requires precise control over your stick strokes and body movement. This improves your overall drumming technique and versatility. Below are 13 beginner exercises designed to build your ability to play accents on any 16th note, or combination of 16th notes, with either hand.

Play all exercises with alternating sticking - RLRL, etc. Repeat each exercise for 30 seconds slowly w/metronome and gradually increase tempo and duration (up to 2 minutes each). Make all accented note 2x-3x louder than non-accented notes.

Download a free, printable PDF of the 16th Notes w/Accents Lesson.


16th Notes with Accents p1
16th Notes with Accents p2