Easy Double Bass Kick and Snare 16th Note Drum Fill

Sep 16, 2022

This is probably one of my favorite 'easy' double bass rock fills.

The basic concept is this: you play continuous 16th notes between your snare drum and bass drum(s), and anytime you play the bass drum you double it with the hands on the cymbals. When starting out with this type of pattern, you'll generally notice your dominant hand (right hand for right-handed drummers) will be louder and have an easier time making the quick movements from snare to cymbal and back. Start slowly and gradually work up to faster tempos as your weaker side allows.

I particularly like the phrasing I tend to sneak into the ending of The Outfield song "Your Love" with my band These Guys Live. (Yes, I add a bit of my personal style to cover songs where appropriate. ;-) In this 2 bar example, the six beat phrase (2 snares + 4 kicks) repeats 4 times while going over the bar line which causes beat one of the second bar to become a bit obscured before finishing up with 4 snares and 4 kicks.

Kick and Snare 16th Notes


Listen to this in context below: