Single-Handed Sextuplets Drum Fill

Sep 30, 2022

Ok, so these really aren't "single-handed sextuplets" as your feet are playing two-thirds of the notes. But, from the audience perspective, that's what it looks like and it always gets a good response from the crowd.

In the example below, I use this technique in the third and fourth bars. This is a solo/fill that I use with These Guys Live as a transition in a Foreigner '2-fer,' going from 'Dirty White Boy' into 'Double Vision.' The first bar is a couple of 'bucket of fish' licks setting up my version of the intro 'Double Vision' lick that will come at the end. The next bar is a flurry of 32nd notes between snare, toms and bass drum. Then I go into 2 bars of the single-handed sextuplets. This is simply 8th notes up and down the toms with the right and left feet playing the sextuplets notes in the middle. When you're first starting out with a pattern like this, the key as always is to start slow and gradually work up the tempo as you're able to keep the rhythm consistent and the dynamics even.

Once you get this down it's a relatively easy pattern to pull off. And by raising the non-playing hand and exaggerating the movements, it's an attention getter for sure! Just don't try to squeeze it into a tender ballad. ;-)

Single-Handed Sextuplets

View a video snippet of this solo/fill below: