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Marty Brasington

Gravitational Anomalies

Original Release Date: 2024
Label: Martian Brain Records

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Gravitational Anomalies
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1Balls to the Wall (Accept)5:09

This is my currently in-production pet-project solo album: 'Gravitational Anomalies' - a collection of classic hard-rock and metal tunes utilizing AI separated vocals from the original recordings and my take on the musical performances where I play all drums, guitars, and bass. Plus, all songs will include a drum solo section. Because, in the famous words of that great Muppet drummer, Animal, all songs need 'MORE DRUMS!'


New songs will be added as they are completed. Videos of all songs will also be available on my YouTube channel.

Please feel free to download any songs you would like using the buttons and enjoy! You may download all songs free of charge. I would just like this music to be heard! If you like what you hear and would like to support my continuing musical endeavors by buying me a virtual drumstick (or two ), you can click the PayPal link below to make a small donation.